Versatile Investment Portfolio (VIP)

An investment facility that provides an investor access to two contrasting risk-return asset classes, equity and fixed income funds, through unlimited free switch.

VIP is Areca’s concept of how investing should be; providing a platform allowing the investor the flexibility to manage and control how best to allocate an investment portfolio according to goals, risk profile and market conditions. This facility encourages investors to review, revalue and rebalance asset allocation on regular disciplines. Areca provides the professional services to assist in one’s investment decisions.

VIP is an easy and convenient platform for the investor to tailor and customise an ideal and diversified investment portfolio.


Benefits Of Investing Through VIP

  • Choice

    One-stop solution with a choice to diversify your investment into 2 different asset classes that suits your needs.

  • Simple and Flexible

    You can switch between Funds at any time by filling up a switch form without incurring switching fee. This potentially helps to maximise your returns, and allows you to easily change your strategy to keep pace with your needs.

  • Active Participation 

    Enables you to be more financially aware of changing trends in the financial markets and the impact on your investments and encourages you to adopt a more pro-active approach to personal investing rather than re-active approach.

  • Deal Direct with Employee for Low Front End Fee

    In our commitment to bring personalised investor care and attention to you, we have made a unique stance to offer the funds under VIP and investment expertise predominantly through our full-time salaried employees with low front end fee. As salaried employees, the service personnel are focused on enhancing your total investment experience with us over the Long-Term period. It has also a simple and easy to understand fee structure that allows you to know exactly what you are being charged.

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