Financial TalentHouse is a comprehensive Financial Planning education program by Areca Capital Sdn Bhd and recognized for CFP certification.

The industry’s most comprehensive and holistic talent-building program is designed to attract, develop and upgrade skills for the investment advisory sector. Financial TalentHouse will equip participants with the critical knowledge, soft-skills and relevant licensing and requirements with FPAM, FiMM and SC.

1.    CFP program syllabus

Program contents are from the CFP certification course syllabus, which includes but not limited to 5 core areas:

•    Investment Planning & Retirement Planning
•    Tax Planning
•    Insurance Planning
•    Estate Planning
•    Financial Plan Construction

2.    Soft-skills & Management-Trainee Position

Benefit from our programs dedicated to soft-skills development such as presentation, marketing and sales closing skills. Participants will also be offered a management-trainee position with Areca or its partners for on-the-job training while studying. Engaging industry-leading education providers, our Financial TalentHouse is supported by Federation of Investment Managers Malaysia (FiMM) and Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM).

3.    Licensing & Certification

Financial TalentHouse serves as a gateway towards obtaining your CFP certification with FPAM, and functions as a fast-track towards obtaining a CMSRL in Financial Planning with the Securities Commission (SC). Participants will also be registered as Unit Trust Consultants (UTC) with FiMM.

Elevate your career

Areca Capital welcomes talents from the financial and investment industry, bankers, unit trust and insurance agents who wish to up-skill their present qualification and knowledge. Working adults with degree or diploma are also encouraged to apply. So, what are you waiting for? Differentiate yourself now.

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