Private Investment Mandate (PRIME)

An investment management service that provides a customized portfolio covering asset classes of equity and fixed income, cash management, balanced portfolios and capital-protected portfolios.

We offer discretionary and non-discretionary investment management services to help investor pursue investment goals based on stated level of risk by offering investment solutions tailored individually to meet these investment objectives and needs.

PRIME is a flexible and tailored solution to meet individual investment objectives and needs, based on the investor’ prescribed level of risk.

Benefits of Investing through PRIME:

We work closely with you to customize an investment portfolio that is based on the assessment and understanding of your specific goals, risk tolerances and investment needs.

Thus, your portfolio is individually managed according to your investment objectives, needs and risk profile.

Your portfolio is managed by our professional investment managers according to our unique strategies, expertise and investment decisions.

Your portfolio is consistently monitored to reflect your preference and goals. Our monthly reporting will provide clear indications of what is happening within your portfolio in terms of investment performance and portfolio changes.

Our management transparency allows you to have a direct ownership to your portfolio and flexibility to change your portfolio according to your needs.


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