Investment Glossary

Areca/Manager/We/Us/Our Areca Capital Sdn Bhd;
Base Currency Means the base currency of the Fund, i.e. Ringgit Malaysia
Bond Include but not limited to private debt securities, issues issued or guaranteed by Malaysian government or any state government or BNM such as MGS and Government Investment Issue;
BNM Bank Negara Malaysia;
Bursa Malaysia the stock exchange managed or operated by Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad;
Business Day A day on which the Bursa Malaysia is open for trading;
Commercial Paper Refers to either conventional or Islamic short-term papers issued with original tenor of one year or less;
CMSA The Capital Markets and Services Act, 2007 including all
amendments thereto;
Deed(s) The deeds or master deeds in relation to the Funds and any other
supplemental deeds or supplemental master deeds that may be entered into between the Manager and the Trustee(s) and registered with the Securities Commission Malaysia;
Debenture Includes debenture stock, notes and any other evidence of indebtedness of a corporation for borrowed moneys, whether or not constituting a charge on the assets of the corporations as defined in the CMSA;
Deposits Deposits with Financial Institutions;
Duration An approximate measure of a Bond’s price sensitivity to the changes in interest rates. If a Bond has a duration of 5 years, for example, its price will rise about 5% if its yield drops by a percentage point (100 basis points), and its price will fall by about 5% if its yield rises by that amount;
FIMM Federation of Investment Managers Malaysia;
Financial Institution

(a) if the institution is in Malaysia –
(i) licensed bank;
(ii) licensed merchant bank;
(iii) Islamic bank;
(b) if the institution is outside Malaysia, any institution that is
licensed/registered/approved/authorised to provide financial
services by the relevant banking regulator;
“licensed bank” has the same meaning as given under the
Financial Institution Act 2013;
“licensed investment bank” has the same meaning as given under the Financial Services Act 2013;
“islamic bank” means a bank licensed under the Islamic Financial Services Act 2013;

 Fixed Income Securities Includes but not limited to Commercial Paper, Bond, and other fixed income securities such as convertible debt securities, floating rate bond, Structured Product;
Fund(s) Areca incomeTRUST Fund, Areca equityTRUST Fund, Areca moneyTRUST Fund, Areca enhancedINCOME Fund and Areca Dividend Income Fund (hereinafter referred to individually as “the Fund” and collectively as “the Funds”);
Fund Manager A person who holds a capital market services representative’s license to carry on the regulated activity of fund management on behalf of the Manager;
Guidelines Guidelines on Unit Trust Funds issued by the Securities Commission Malaysia as may be amended from time to time;
IUTA Institutional unit trust scheme adviser, which is an institution, body or organization that is registered with the FIMM to market and distribute unit trust;
Jointholder A person who holds Units together with another person or persons;
Liquid Assets Mean any permitted investment capable of being converted into cash within seven (7) days;
Long Term Means a period of at least five (5) years;
Master Prospectus Master Prospectus in relation to the Funds managed by Areca Capital Sdn Bhd;
MARC Malaysian Rating Corporation Berhad;
MGS Malaysian Government Securities which are interest bearing long-term bonds issued by the government of Malaysia;
Medium-Term A period of 3 to 5 years;
Money Market Instruments Includes but not limited to banker’s acceptance, Repo, certificates of deposit and negotiable instruments of deposit;
NAV The net asset value of the Fund, which is the value of all the assets of the Fund less the total liabilities of the Fund at the valuation point;
NAV per Unit The NAV of the Fund divided by the number of Units in circulation at the valuation point;
RAM RAM Rating Services Berhad;
Repo A repurchase agreement or an agreement between a Financial Institution and an investor to sell and buy-back a money market instrument at an agreed price, inclusive of interest, on a specific future date;
RM Means Ringgit Malaysia, The lawful currency of Malaysia
SC The Securities Commission Malaysia which was established under the Securities Commission Act 1993;
Short-Term A period of less than 3 years;
Structured Products Refers to investments which provide returns that are linked to the
performance of an underlying reference. It includes but not limited to credit linked notes, currency linked notes, bond linked notes, range accrual, interest rate swap/currency swap, forward rate agreement and long call options;
Transferable securities Equities, debentures and warrants;
Trustee(s) Maybank Trustees Berhad and/or RHB Trustee Berhad;
Units Units of a Fund and includes a fraction of a Unit;
Unit Holder/You A person for the time being who is registered pursuant to the Deed as a holder of Units, including a Jointholder;

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