Frequently Asked Questions

  •  A Unit Trust is an investment scheme, which pools money from many investors who share the same financial objectives. The Trustee on behalf of the investors holds the assets of the Trust.

    By pooling your funds you gain access to investment opportunities, which are normally unavailable to the individual investor.
    Investors' rights and interest are well protected by an independent Trustee (who is appointed to ensure that the manager is in compliance with the terms and conditions of the Trust Deed), an independent Auditor and the Securities Commission.


  •  Individuals aged 18 and above on their last birthday.

  •  Yes, but only limited to one joint holder.

  •  Yes, a minor below 18 years old. He / she must invest as a designated account holder together with a first holder who is 18 years old or above.

  •  No.

  •  A first time investor is required to submit a duly completed Holder Account Opening Form, Customer Information form (Individual),a photocopy of NRIC, Investment Form and a Suitability Assessment (SA) Form

  •  The prospective investor may contact our Investor Care at 03-7956 3111 or visit the nearest Areca Capital offices.

  • Payment may be made through Areca Capital Office / Branch Offices as indicated in the Prospectuses.

    Cheques, bank drafts or cashiers orders should be made payable to "ARECA CAPITAL SDN BHD" and crossed "ACCOUNT PAYEE ONLY". Please write your name, new NRIC/Passport number and telephone number at the back of all cheques, bank drafts or cashiers orders.

    Cheques, bank drafts or cashiers orders payable to the Company must be issued or purchased by the respective unit holder(s). For bank drafts or cashiers orders, a copy of the Remittance Application Form must be submitted together with the required investment documents. A unit holder can issue one cheque for multiple funds and multiple accounts.

  • The minimum Initial and Additional investments are as follows:

    Minimum Investment
    Minimum Initial Investment RM10,000.00*  RM100,000.00**  AUD5,000.00***
    Minimum Additional Investment RM1,000.00*  RM10,000.00**  AUD200.00***

    *Applicable to Areca incomeTRUST Fund, Areca equityTRUST Fund, Areca growthTRUST Fund, Areca moneyTRUST Fund and enhancedINCOME Fund.
    ** Applicable to Areca Steady fixedINCOME Fund and Areca Flexi fixedINCOME Fund
    ***Applicable to Areca AUD Savings Fund
    Subject to change at Manager’s discretion.


  •  The cut-off time for submission of investment on any Business Day, is 3.30pm over the service counter.

  • Units would be created on the NAV per unit at the end of the Business Day on which the requests for purchase are received or deemed to have been received by the Manager at or before 3.30pm. Any application received after the cut-off time would be considered as being transacted on the next Business Day.

  • No, returns of funds are not guaranteed as they invest in assets (for example, shares and bonds) which fluctuate in value on a daily basis. The price of the Funds' investments will rise and fall and consequently cause unit prices to rise and fall. Therefore, we cannot guarantee fund returns.

  • Versatile Investment Portfolio (VIP) is an investment facility designed by the Manager to provide active investors with an investment strategy which offers the flexibility to tailor their ideal investment solutions. The VIP provides investors a professional diversified portfolio with access to two types of asset classes – equity and fixed income funds with unlimited free switches between the selected Funds. It is an easy and convenient way for active investors to manage and customise their investment portfolios according to their investment goals, risk profiles and prevailing market conditions.


    Standalone incomeTRUST Fund
    Investors may also invest ONLY in Areca incomeTRUST Fund on a standalone basis (if you do not wish or are not ready to invest in equity funds) without the benefit of the free switches. Investors can access the VIP switch option through a conversion facility.

    Benefits Of Investing Through VIP

    • Choice
      One-stop solution with a choice to diversify your investment into 2 different asset classes that suits your needs.
    • Simple and Flexible
      You can switch between selected funds at any time by filling up a switch form without incurring switching fee. This may potentially enables you to maximise your returns, and allows you to easily change your strategy to keep pace with your needs.
    • Active Participation by the Investor
      Enables you to be more financially aware of changing trends in the financial markets and the impact on your investments and encourages you to adopt a more pro-active approach to personal investing rather than re-active approach.
    • Single Pricing Policy with low front end fee
      VIP is competitively priced with low front end fee. It has also a simple and easy to understand fee structure that allows you to know exactly what you are being charged.
    • Deal Direct
      In our commitment to bring personalised investor care and attention to our investors, the Manager has made a unique stance to offer the funds under VIP and investment expertise predominantly through our full-time salaried employees. As salaried employees of the Manager, the service personnel are focused on enhancing investors’ total investment experience with the Manager over the Long-Term period.
  • Income earned by the Fund during the financial year is accrued in its unit’s price until the end of the distribution period. When an income distribution is declared, any interest income and realized capital profits are paid to unit holders. Consequently, the Fund's net asset value per unit, and therefore the application (offer) and withdrawal (bid) prices will tend to fall by approximately the same amount as the income distribution.

  • Unclaimed monies - after 12 months, the Trustee will credit to the Consolidated Trust account and lodge it with the Registrar which will be held for a further 12 months to enable owners of the monies to collect.

  •  Visit our website at to view our fund prospectuses or contact our Customer Service Hotline at 03- 7956 3111.

  • If you have any complaints on our products and/or services, you may contact our Investor Care Department via phone or email as follows:

    Tel: 603-79563111
    Email :

    If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the internal dispute resolution process, you may refer your dispute to;

    A)     Securities Commission Malaysia (“SC”)
    Investor Affairs & Complaints Department
    Securities Commission Malaysia,
    No 3 Persiaran Bukit Kiara,
    Bukit Kiara,
    50490 Kuala Lumpur.
    Tel: 603 6204 8999
    Fax: 603 6204 8991

    B)     Securities Industry Dispute Resolution Center ("SIDREC") 
    Unit A-9-1, Level 9, Tower A ,
    Menara UOA Bangsar,
    No. 5, Jalan Bangsar Utama 1,
    59000 Kuala Lumpur.

    Tel : 603-2282 2280
    Fax : 603-2282 3855

    C)      Federation of Investment Managers Malaysia (“FiMM”)
    19-06-1, 6th Floor,
    Wisma Tune,
    19, Lorong Dungun,
    Damansara Heights,
    50490 Kuala Lumpur.

    Tel: 603-2093 2600
    Fax: 603-2093 2700



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