Corporate Information


Board of Directors

Dato’ Wee Hoe Soon @ Gooi Hoe Soon, Chairman
Danny Wong Teck Meng, Executive Director
Raja Datuk Zaharaton binti Raja Dato’ Zainal Abidin
Dr. Junid Saham

Fund Manager

The Company has appointed Areca Capital Sdn Bhd, its holding company as the fund manager for the funds that the Company administers. The role and responsibilities the fund manager include the management of the investment portfolio in accordance with the respective funds' investment objectives as stated in the information memorandums. They will manage the portfolios in accordance to the requirement of the relevant guidelines and acts, acceptable and efficacious business practices, policies and processes determined by the Company. The fund manager will report to the investment committee of the funds and will implement the investment strategies selected by the committee.

The designated persons responsible for the management of the funds are Danny Wong Teck Meng and Edward Iskandar Toh, both licensed fund managers of Areca Capital Sdn Bhd.

1.    We are the trusted partner of our clients and stakeholders.
2.    We strive to deliver the best results to all stakeholders.
3.    We contribute towards the betterment of the local financial services industry.

We are committed to honesty, integrity and high ethical standards. We are extremely people-focused as we believe in a win-win approach by building long-term partnerships through personalized investor care and client-focused products.

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Kensington Gardens, No. U1317
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