Areca equityTrust Fund

Fund Information

Fund Name Areca equityTRUST Fund
Fund Category/Type Equity/Growth
Objective of the Fund To provide investors with medium to long term capital growth. To achieve this objective, the Fund will invest principally in equities and equity-related securities.
Launch Date 23 April 2007

Fee & Expenses

Annual Management Fee 1.90% p.a. of NAV of the Fund
Annual Trustee Fee 0.08% p.a. of NAV of the Fund.


This table describes the charges that you may incur when you buy or redeem Units of the Funds.

Entry Fee

Direct investment through the Manager #: Up to 1% of the amount invested.

Unit Trust Consultants, Third party distributors including IUTA: Up to 3% of the amount invested.

# The entry fee payable for investments in a Fund is equivalent to the specified percentage of the NAV per unit of the Fund.

Exit Fee


Transfer Fee NIL
Switching Fee No switching fee is imposed under the VIP switching facility for all switches between the Areca incomeTRUST Fund, Areca equityTRUST Fund and Areca Dividend Income Fund.


Minimum Initial Investment

Direct investment through Manager: RM10,000 or such other lower amount as decided by the Manager.

Third party distributors including IUTA: RM10,000 or such other lower amount as decided by the Manager.

Minimum Additional Investment RM1,000 or such other lower amount as decided by the Manager.
Redemption Notice/Frequency Any Business Day. However, you must submit the redemption notice to us before 3.00pm on transaction day (T day) for processing.
Cooling Off Right A cooling-off right is given to you if you are investing in any unit trust fund managed by us for the first time. The cooling-off period given to you is six (6) Business Days commencing from the date of receipt of the investment application by us. Not applicable to corporation or institution, staff of the Manager and persons registered with a body approved by the SC to deal in unit trusts.
Transfer of Units Unitholders are permitted to transfer part or all of their units in the Fund to their immediate family members by completing a transfer form. However, for the transfer of units to other investors, it is subject to the discretion of the Manager and the Manager reserve the rights to reject the transfer without assigning any reason. Transfers from corporate accounts to individual accounts are not permitted.

In the event of any discrepancies, the Prospectus shall prevail.

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