Areca USD Short-Term Income Fund

Fund Information

Fund Name Areca USD Short-Term Income Fund
Fund Category/Type Wholesale Fixed Income Fund / Income 
Objective of the Fund

The Fund aims to provide investors with a high level of liquidity while providing regular income and capital preservation.

Any material changes to the Fund’s objective would require Unit Holder’s approval.

Asset Allocation

Fixed Income Investments - 0 - 30%

Short Term Investment and Liquid Assets - Remaining balance

Performance Benchmark

Maybank’s USD Overnight Deposit Rate.

The risk profile of the Fund is different from the risk profile of the performance benchmark. There is no guarantee that the Fund will outperform the performance benchmark.

Launch Date 31 Janaury 2020


Fee & Expenses

Annual Management Fee Up to 0.75% p.a. of the NAV of the Fund.
Annual Trustee Fee Up to 0.04% p.a. of the NAV of the Fund.



This table describes the charges that you may incur when you buy or redeem Units of the Funds.

Entry Fee

Direct investment with Manager: Up to 1% of the net investment amount

Third-party distributors: Up to 1% of the net investment amount

Net Investment Amount is the number of units at the NAV per Unit.

Exit Fee

Up to USD 40 (transaction cost of the Fund in remitting USD) and may subject to change from time to time with the approval of trustee.



Minimum Initial Investment

USD10,000 or such other limit at the Manager’s discretion.

Minimum Redemption

USD10,000 or 10,000 Units or such other amount as decided by the Manager. However, if the Redemption request leaves you with less than the Minimum Balance, the Manager may require you to fully redeem all the remaining Units; subject to the availability of Liquid Assets.

Minimum Balance 10,000 Units or such other limit at the Manager’s discretion; we will, at our sole discretion, requires you to redeem all the Units should the remaining balance is less than the minimum balance.
Redemption Payment We will pay you within 10 days upon receipt of the duly completed original Redemption form. However, it is our general Redemption policy to make payment within 2 Business Days (T+2).
Switching Facility Not Available.
Transfer Facility Not available, unless by operations of law or under the provision of the Deed.
Cooling-Off Rights Not Available
Distribution of Income Subject to the availability of distributable income, the Fund may distribute income any time during the financial year. The manager may at its discretion to keep the distributable income for future years, therefore may opt not to distribute income for any particular year.
Income Re-investment policy  In the absence of any instructions, we are entitled to reinvest the income distributed from the Fund in additional Units of the Fund at the NAV per Unit of the distribution day without any entry fee.

In the event of any discrepancies, the Information Memorandum shall prevail.

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