Areca Strategic Income Fund 8.0

Fund Information

Fund Name Areca Strategic Income Fund 8.0
Fund Category/Type Wholesale Fund with flexible asset allocation / Income 
Objective of the Fund

The Fund aims to provide investors a Medium to Long Term income with incidental capital growth. Income could be in the form of Units or cash
Any material changes to the Fund’s objective would require Unit Holder’s approval..

Asset Allocation

Flexible allocation between equity and fixed income depending on prevailing economic conditions and market outlook.

Performance Benchmark

Absolute Return of 4% per annum.

Launch Date 08 March 2023


Fee & Expenses

Annual Management Fee Up to 2.00% p.a. of the NAV of the Fund.
Annual Trustee Fee 0.07% per annum of NAV of the Fund. (exclude foreign custodian fee, if any).



This table describes the charges that you may incur when you buy or redeem Units of the Funds.

Entry Fee

Up to 4% of the net investment amount.
Net investment amount is the number of Units at the NAV per Unit.

Exit Fee




Minimum Initial Investment

RM50,000 or such other lower amount as decided by the Manager.

Minimum Redemption

RM50,000 or 50,000 Units or such other amount as decided by the Manager; subject to redemption restriction.

Redemption notice must be submitted before 3.00p.m. We will process your transaction on the next Business Day if we receive your application after the cut-off time. If the transaction date falls on a weekend or public holiday, your transaction date will take place on the next Business Day.

Minimum Balance 50,000 Units or such other limit at the Manager’s discretion. We will, at our sole discretion, require you to redeem all the Units should the remaining balance is less than the minimum balance.
Redemption Restriction/Notice

You may not be able to redeem your Units within the first 36 months from the investment date (“Restiction Period”) subject to the liquidity and terms of of the underlying investment, which will be disclose in the application forms (e.g. Specific Risk Diclosure Form).

Investors may face difficulties in redeeming their investments as the Manager may not be able to dispose of the investments and has insufficient cash, even after the Restriction Period Please consider the liquidity risk of investing in this Fund.

Redemption Payment We will pay you within 7 Business Days upon receipt of the duly completed original Redemption form.
Switching Facility Not Available.
Transfer Facility Not available, unless by operations of law or under the provision of the Deed.
Cooling-Off Rights Not Available
Distribution of Income Subject to the availability of distributable income, the Fund will distribute income at least once a year by way of reinvestment as additional Units into the Fund and/or distribution in cash.
Income Re-investment policy In the absence of any instructions, we will, at our discretion, reinvest the income into another unit trust fund as determined by the Manager at the NAV per Unit of the distribution day without any entry fee.

In the event of any discrepancies, the Information Memorandum shall prevail.

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