Areca Islamic Cash Fund

Fund Information

Fund Name Areca Islamic Cash Fund
Fund Category/Type Islamic Fixed Income (Wholesale)
Objective of the Fund The Fund Seeks to offer investors regular income
Launch Date 18 June 2015


Fee & Expenses

Annual Management Fee 0.75% p.a of the NAV of the Fund
Annual Trustee Fee 0.05 % p.a of the NAV of the Fund.



This table describes the charges that you may incur when you buy or redeem Units of the Funds.

Entry Fee


Transfer Fee NIL



Minimum Initial Investment RM100,000 or such other limit at the Manager’s discretion.
Minimum Liquidation RM10,000 or 10,000 Units or such other limit at the Manager’s discretion.
However, if the liquidation request leaves an investor with less than 10,000 Units (minimum balance), the investor may be required to make an application for the Manager to liquidate all the investor’s Units.
Minimum Balance 10,000 Units or such other limit at the Manager’s discretion.
Liquidation Restriction/Notice

1 Business Day prior to liquidation (i.e. T-1 day). However, a liquidation notice must be submitted before 3.30pm on T-1 day for processing.

There is no limit on the frequency of liquidation.

Liquidation Payment Payments will be made on the next Business Day of the transaction day (i.e. T+1 day) under normal circumstances. However, under specific conditions such as under liquidity constraint conditions, payment may be made within 10 days upon receipt by the Manager of the duly completed original liquidation form.
Cooling Off Right Within 6 Business Days commencing on the date of receipt of the application for Units by the Manager. Applicable for initial investment by investors in any funds managed by the Manager for the first time only. Not applicable to corporation or institution, a staff of the Manager and persons registered with a body approved by the SC to deal in unit trusts.
Switching Facility Not Available.
Distribution of Income At least twice a year, subject to the availability of distributable income.
Income Re-investment policy In the absence of instructions to the contrary from Unit Holder, the Manager is entitled to reinvest the income distributed from the Fund in additional units at the NAV per Unit at the end of the distribution day with no entry fee.

In the event of any discrepancies, the Information Memorandum shall prevail.

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