Areca Global Emerging Momentum Fund 2

Fund Information

Fund Name Areca Global Emerging Momentum Fund 2
Fund Category/Type Wholesale Fund with Flexible Asset Allocation / Income & Growth
Objective of the Fund

The Fund aims to provide an opportunity for capital growth and an incidental income.

Any material changes to the Fund’s objective would require Unit Holder’s approval.

Investment Strategy

The Fund may invest up to 100% of its NAV in permitted investments with flexible allocation in its assets to achieve a potential higher return by freely changing risk degree according to current market conditions. Depending on the market conditions, the Fund may concentrate its investments on few selected asset classes or a single investment that has potential capital growth and/or incidental income or that will minimize the Fund exposure to market risks.

The Fund may also invest in unlisted securities (for instance preference shares, private equities, pre-IPO securities and convertible securities), collective investment scheme and placement of deposits with Financial Institutions.

The Fund may take a temporary defensive position, which may be inconsistent with the Fund’s investment strategy, in attempting to respond to adverse economic, political or any other market conditions such as changes in interest rate policy and introduction of a new policy which may affect the equity markets. The Fund may reduce its exposure in equities and increase its exposure in deposits or collective investment schemes (including non-equity related unit trust funds). The Manager will re-align the Fund to its principal investment strategy when the market conditions improved.

Launch Date 21 January 2022
Asset Allocation

Flexible allocation between equity and fixed income depending on prevailing economic conditions and market outlook.

Based Currency


Class of Unit

MYR Class

USD Class

This Fund is established with a multi-class structure which has more than one (1) Class. Investors should note that the Fund is allowed to establish new Class(es) from time to time without prior consent from the Unit holders. For more information on launching of the Class(es), please refer to our website,

Performance Benchmark Absolute return of 7% per annum.
Income Distribution and Reinvestment Policy

Incidental, subject to the availability of distributable income.
In the absence of written instructions from a Unit Holder, we are entitled to reinvest the income distributed from the Fund in additional Units of that Fund at the NAV per Unit at the end of the distribution day with no entry fee.

Financial Year End 31 December

Fee & Expenses

Annual Management Fee

Up to 2.00% per annum of the NAV of the Fund.

Annual Trustee Fee 0.07% per annum of NAV of the Fund. (exclude foreign custodian fee, if any).
Performance Fee

The Manager is entitled to a Performance Fee of up to 20% on the net total returns upon redemption or capital distribution, computed on each investor’s account individually.

For avoidance of doubt, the net total returns for each Unit Holder’s account will be calculated by comparing the net investment amount (excluding entry fee) to redemption or capital distribution value.


This table describes the charges that you may incur when you buy or redeem Units of the Funds.

Entry Fee

Up to 4% of the net investment amount.
Net investment amount is the number of Units at the NAV per Unit.

Exit Fee NIL
Switching Facility Not Available


Minimum Initial Investment 50,000 dollar in the respective Class Currency for the Class of Units or such other limit at the Manager’s discretion.
Minimum Additional Investment 10,000 dollar in the respective Class Currency for the Class of Units or such other limit at the Manager’s discretion.
Cooling-Off Rights Not Available
Minimum Redemption and Balance 

50,000 dollar in the respective Class Currency for the Class of Units or equivalent in other currency or such other amount as decided by the Manager.

However, if the redemption request leaves you with less than the minimum balance, the Manager may require you to fully redeem all the remaining Units; subject to the availability of Liquid Assets.

Redemption notice must be submitted before 3.00p.m. We will process your transaction on the next Business Day if we receive your application after the cut-off time. If the transaction date falls on a weekend or public holiday, your transaction date will take place on the next Business Day.

50,000 dollar or 50,000 Units or such other limit at the Manager’s discretion. We will, at our sole discretion, requires you to redeem all the Units should the remaining balance is less than the minimum balance; subject to the availability of Liquid Assets.

Redemption Restriction/Frequency

You will not be able to redeem your Units within the first 12 months or longer from the investment date; subject to the requirement of the underlying investment.

Please note that you might not be able to redeem Units if the Fund is not able to dispose its assets and has insufficient cash.

Redemption Payment We will pay you within 10 days upon receipt of the duly completed original redemption form. However, it is our general redemption policy to make payment within the next 3 Business Days from the transaction day for those Units purchased directly through the Manager. (i.e. T+3 days).

In the event of any discrepancies, the Information Memorandum shall prevail.

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