Areca Equity Growth Fund

Fund Information

Fund Name Areca Equity Growth Fund
Trustee Maybank Trustees Malaysia Berhad (196301000109 (5004-P))
Fund Category/Type Equity/Growth

Objective of the Fund

The Fund aims to provide provide investors with Medium to Long Term capital growth.

Investment Strategy To achieve the investment objective, the Fund will invest a maximum of 98% of its NAV in equities and equity-related securities which is traded on eligible markets (maximum 25% of its NAV in foreign eligible markets) and a minimum of 2% of its NAV in liquid assets. Equity-related securities includes but is not limited to different classes of listed and unlisted shares, warrants, options, preference shares and convertible securities. The Fund will normally invest in securities issued by companies that exhibit a good management track record, a sound history of Long-Term profitability and earnings resilience, a strong balance sheet, and/or have a good competitive position in their respective industries. The Fund will invest in markets where the regulatory authorities are ordinary or associate members of the International Organization of Securities Commission (“IOSCO”). The Manager will adopt an active trading strategy with frequency that will depend on the market conditions and the market outlook. The Fund may take a temporary defensive position, which may be inconsistent with the Fund’s investment strategies and asset allocation, to respond to adverse economic, political or other market conditions by holding up to 100% of the Fund's NAV in liquid assets. In general, the temporary defensive positions shall be taken for a period of not more than 6 months. However, the position could be held for a longer period with the approval from the investment committee during prolonged adverse market conditions. We will re-align the Fund to its principal investment strategies when market conditions turn for the better.
Launch Date 04 January 2021
Asset Allocation Equities and Equity-Related Securities
  • 70%-98% of the NAV of the Fund
Liquid Assets
  • Minimum 2% of the NAV of the Fund
Performance Indicator 1-year Average Returns of the funds under “Equity Malaysia” Non-Islamic category. The information on the benchmark is available at (the Average Returns can also be obtained from the weekly Edge / Lipper Fund Table).

Fee & Expenses

Annual Management Fee Up to 2.00% p.a. of the NAV of the Fund
Annual Trustee Fee Up to 0.06% p.a of the NAV of the Fund, subject to a minimum fee of RM6,000 p.a.


This table describes the charges that you may incur when you buy or redeem Units of the Funds.

Entry Fee

Distribution Channels Maximum Rate
Entry Fee

 Up to 1% of the net investment amount of the fund. 

Unit Trust Consultants, Third party distributors: Up to 3% of the net investment amount of the fund.

Direct Investment through the Manager refers to direct investment made through the Manager without Unit Trust Consultants or service personnel e.g. direct online distribution channel.

Investor may negotiate with the distributors for lower charges subject to the respective channels’ decision.

Exit Fee




Minimum Initial Investment

RM10,000 or such other limit at the Manager’s discretion. The minimum initial investment is applicable for both direct investment through Manager and third party distributors including IUTA.

Minimum Additional Investment RM1,000 or such other limit at the Manager’s discretion. The minimum additional investment is applicable for both direct investment through Manager and third party distributors including IUTA
Minimum Balance You are require to redeem all your investment if you have less than 1,000 Units or such other lower amount as decided by the Manager. Applicable for both direct investment through Manager and third party distributors including IUTA.

Redemption Notice/Frequency and payments Any Business Day. However, you must submit the redemption notice to us before 3.00pm on transaction day (T day) for processing.
Redemption and payments

We will pay you within 10 calendar days upon receipt of the duly completed original Redemption form. However, for this Fund, it is our general Redemption policy to make payment within 2 Business Days (T+2 day).

Redemption proceeds will be only paid to the principal holder, unless requested by the investor to pay to the Jointholder. We do not pay to any third-party.

Cooling Off Right A cooling-off right is given to you if you are investing in any unit trust fund managed by us for the first time. The cooling-off period given to you is six (6) Business Days commencing from the date of receipt of the investment application by us. The refund for every Unit held following a request by you pursuant to the exercise of a cooling-off right should be the sum of:-

·          The NAV per Unit on the day the Units were purchased; and

·          The entry fee paid by you (if any).

 A cooling-off right is given to an individual investor except for where such investor is a staff of the Manager or persons registered with a body approved by the SC to deal in unit trusts.

The moneys to be refunded to you pursuant to the exercise of a cooling-off right will only be paid after we have received cleared funds for the original investment.

You must submit the completed cooling-off form before the cut-off time on any Business Day. We will process your transaction on the next Business Day if we receive your application after the cut-off time.

Switching Facility N/A
Transfer Facility NIL
Income Distribution and Reinvestment Policy Incidental, subject to the availability of distributable income. In the absence of written instructions from a Unit Holder, we are entitled to reinvest the income distributed from the Fund in additional Units of that Fund at the NAV per Unit at the end of the distribution day with no entry fee.

In the event of any discrepancies, the Prospectus shall prevail.

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