About Us

Areca Capital is a fund management company licensed by the Securities Commission Malaysia to manage and distribute private mandates, unit trust funds and regulated activity of financial planning. We are registered with the Federation of Investment Managers Malaysia as one of the institutional unit trust advisors to distribute and market unit trust funds of other fund houses.

Since our inception in 2006, we have built a reputation as an innovative and high performing fund manager, winning new clients as our performance track record and exceptional client service have been recognized.


The Edge I Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Awards held every year to recognise and reward the best performers from the investment management community.

Our maiden fund, Areca equityTRUST Fund has won the best performing fund for the consecutive two years, 2016 and 2017 under the Equity Malaysia 3 years and 5 years category. The Fund also won the 10 years category for the year 2017.

We pride ourselves on our professional, yet friendly approach. Areca Capital seek to provide our clients with cost-effective services and consistent risk-adjusted returns over the long term. Our clients range from individuals to corporates, family and private trusts, foundations and other institutions.

Financial Highlights/Positions

As at 31 December 2018, we are managing 13 unit trust funds, namely Areca incomeTRUST, Areca equityTRUST, Areca moneyTRUST, Areca enhancedINCOME, Areca Steady fixedINCOME, Areca Flexi fixedINCOME, Areca Islamic Cash Fund, Areca Situational Income Fund , Areca Dynamic Growth Fund, Areca Dividend Income Fund, Areca Situational Income 2.0 Fund, Areca Progressive Income Fund and Areca Progressive Income Fund 2.0. The total value of funds under management within the group is RM1.1billion. We have a staff force of 52.


For Year Ended

30 April


RM '000


RM '000


RM '000


RM '000

Paid-up Share Capital 12,000 12,000 5,070 5,070
Shareholders' Funds 11,838 11,708 11,817 12,014
Turnover (RM'000) 6,917 5,654 5,727 5,558
Pre-tax profit (Loss) 126 (29) (399) 310
Profit/(Loss) after tax 131 (109) (197) 212



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